Thursday, July 19, 2007


HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, JACK!!! I love you!!! Wow! I cannot believe I've had him for 5 years already. What a chunk he used to be! Well, I just spent way too much time uploading pictures and they ended up not being in the right order and some aren't even pictures I wanted to post, but here it is. He's a keeper! What a sweet baby I was given. I wish my memories of the first two years weren't so foggy, but at least I have a bazillion pictures of him :o)

Hit the gym at 4:30 this morning with plans of doing both Legs and Cardio but I did not get enough sleep at all, so I just gave my all to my legs and will do cardio tomorrow. I'm taking the kids to see Ratatouille tonight for Jack's birthday. It will be Mai's first theater experience. Being the non-stop talker that she is, I know I'm in for a huge headache...but I know we'll have a lot of fun!

Seated Leg Curl LT: 90/26 TT: 90/32RP
SLDL 90x10x3
Extreme Stretch 60 seconds

ADD 140x10x3 ADB 140x10x3

Hack Squat LT: 160/8, 120/25 TT: 170/6, 130/22ss (I'm still having trouble with my right quad)
Extreme Stretch 90 seconds

Seated Calf Raises LT: 70/8, 50/3 TT: 80/8ss
Lying Leg Press Toe Press 180x10(regular, then angled)Rest. Repeat.
Right Leg only 90x10, sled onlyx10x2


Melissa H said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE the one with Jack in the sink!!!!


Julie True said...

I used to put Jack in the sink while I took a shower!! I guess it must have been safe or I wouldn't have done it - he must not have been moving too much back then. I remember he wouldn't cry in there, but he would cry in his bouncy chair. Maybe the mirror entertained him?
I can't believe he's FIVE! Do you have anything big planned for Conor's birthday or are you keeping it kind of low key? Jack was a bit disappointed I didn't make another cake yesterday...
I was so tired by the time we got back from the movie that the idea to go get him a cupcake or something went in my brain and then back out as I pictured myself being able to crawl in bed early if we avoided the grocery store. Bad mama :-(

Melissa H said...

No, you just saved his baby teeth. Think of it that way. :-)

Low key. We asked Conor if he wanted a party and he said, "No. Just trucks. Nuffing else." My anti-social boy. LOL