Sunday, July 1, 2007

Before and After

Oh my poor baby cat. I really didn't think they were going to shave the top of his body, too! He's so pitiful. This cat is really really in trouble now. This is like the 3rd vet clinic that has practically discharged Dave for being such a poop. I hear they had A LOT of trouble with him. They made me bring him home in a loaned carrier and advised me to put him in a room away from all humans for awhile. He was a purring pussycat for us when we got him home, though. Couldn't get enough of us petting him. When I was single, Dave would sleep wrapped around my head at night. He got more of the pillow than I did. It was always taking a chance because he would attack me during the day, but he never did scratch my face at night. Well, Steve put a stop to the bed sharing when we got married so Dave has been on his own since then. Well, Friday night we had to keep him inside because he was still kind of drugged up and he came in and curled up around my head and slept with me all night for the first time in a decade. It was so sweet. Baby needed his Mama.

I made it to the bodybuilding competition last night by myself - never did hear from my girlfriend and I've apparently lost her number :-( I'm sure she thinks "I" blew her off. Hope she calls soon so I can explain. It was fun but I headed home early to get Jack to bed. He is THE BIGGEST BABY when he's sick. He'll make the perfect pitiful when sick man one day. His poor wife...
He was indeed miserable, but he slept through the night for the most part.

Today is weeding and yardwork and deep housecleaning in preparation for vacation next week. In-laws annual 4th party on Wednesday and then I head down to Eugene early Thursday to see my new nephew come into the world. Friday packing. Saturday - I'M OUTTA HERE!

Officially 15 weeks out from the Seven Feathers Classic. Here's yesterday's workout~

Leg Press

Sumo Hack Squat

Leg Extensions 25x8, 40x8, 65x4, 40x8, 25x8 slooow and controlled

75 Crunches

Seated Calf Raisees 45# x 4sets to failure

DB SLDL ( I haven't done deadlifts in forever so I kept it light because they always KILL me for a couple days after my first time back) 30#DBs x10x4

Seated Leg Curls
slow and controlled with different toes positions


Stepmill x5mins and snowshoe elliptical x10mins


Melissa H said...

Your story about Dave CRACKED ME UP! Our cat, Kitty, is the same way. We didn't plan on keeping her b/c she was a stray feral cat, only 4 weeks old, and we couldn't have pets in our apt. 13 years later....

The last time I took her to the vet, they told me that she was very "frustrated" and that it wasn't worth it to bring her for shots if she was an indoor cat (which she is). They said that the amount of stress that she went through each visit outweighed her need for shots. LOL Since she is 13 and acts like she's 2, I'll guess that they're right!

Julie True said...

Dave was a feral cat, too. I think he was only about 4 weeks old when I got him, and it was a freakin' nightmare from the first day he was given to me. Can't help but love him, tho. Steve let him sleep with me again last night...aaaaaaahhhh...