Monday, July 2, 2007

July 2
JULY 2, 2007

Precor Chest Press LT: 120/18 TT: 130/14RP

LifeFitness Tricep Ext LT: 70/17 TT: 70/25RP

Incline Shoulder Press LT: 80/21 TT: 90/15RP

Wide Grip Pulldowns LT: 105/17 TT: 105/18RP

Crunches x 100

Camber Curl LT: n/a TT: 45/20RP

I've been having quite the time on my way home from the gym this last week. One day (with both kids in the car with me) I ran a red light. A VERY RED LIGHT. Fortunately everyone else could see what I was doing besides me. I was out of it. Anyways, they steered clear of me. Then on Thursday or Friday - again with both kids distracting me - I was backing out of a "compact" space with my non-compact truck and was slowly moving out and back when I realized I was oh so close to the lamp post. I immediately braked and started moving forward and got on my way while trying to explain to the kids why I said a naughty word. But I really didn't think I hit the darn thing. On Saturday I pull into the gym lot and see that the very same lamp post is tilting quite precariously in the very direction it would have been tilted if I HAD hit it. I think I was against it and didn't realize it and was just slowly knocking it over. I'm so embarassed if it was me. I mean a ton of people saw me and I was already embarassed that I had a close call and everyone saw me. So if it was me, I did a hit and run and I'm sure people can't believe I had the nerve. I wonder if I should say something. I mean...the gym's insurance would pay for it either way, right?


Anonymous said...

Hey Julie!!!
I cracked up when I read about your lamp post. I have been there more than once, I'm embarrassed to day!!!
So, are you entering this 7 feathers BB event??? Are you training with Trace? We emailed once about it, I'd love to work with her and Cam. Right now I'm working with Karen Sessions and she's great too. Nothing better than having someone else figure out the nutrition (which I still manage to screw up).
Post some pics of you if you get a chance...I'd love to watch your transformation. Would you be doing figure or fitness? If I can ever get my legs in better shape, I'd consider it in a heartbeat. You've got the legs girl...go for it!!!!


Julie True said...

Hi Helen ~I have entered the 7 Feathers event. Just got a note from Cam this morning to enjoy the 4th because we're officially 14 weeks out on Saturday, so I'm guessing we're getting down and dirty on the first day of my vacation :-( Oh well, it will give me a good reason to explain to everyone why I'm not partaking in the usual food and boozefest and actually commit to family what I'm doing this time around. I think my dad and MIL in particular will be big supporters if I'll let them. And really my mom and FIL, as well. Even after what Steve said the other day, it seems like he's trying to be supportive in different ways than before, so I feel better about him, too.

Anonymous said...

14 weeks out, WOW!!!! How exciting!!! I'm sure you'll have a HUGE cheering section at the show!!! Don't worry about Steve...boys are dumb!!! HAHAHA Dan always says supportive stuff to me too, like "you're crazy to get up at 3:30am to workout", or "you're not going to get really huge muscles, are you?" or my favourite "Do you want to stop at Dairy Queen?"
This is exciting...maybe I'll pretend I'm in the comp with you to see if that'll motivate me for the next 14 weeks!!!! I'm taking a much needed break right now (this week)...I'm totally burnt, but as of Monday I'm back in the game. I've got 6 or 7 more weeks with Karen as my trainer and then I may approach Trace again to see how she does her internet training.
I loved those videos of her (took me several times - computer is really acting up these days)

KTScroggin said...

you know, theres just something about denim hot pants that does NOT do it for me. I dont care how hot the bod is. Maybe she could put those skank-mama shoes with it and it would appeal to me more??

PS. If you left and realized that an item in your grocery cart went unpaid for I'm sure the grocery store would just have to eat the money and think nothing of it. But you would. Right is right, even when nobody else does it and wrong is wrong even if everybody does it. I think you should tell the gym. They might say "no harm, no foul" but at least it will release the guilt from you. Think.., little girl finally telling her mom she broke her vase?? The punishment might exist, but its nothing compared to the guilt of keeping a secret.

Melissa H said...

I can't tell you how many times I've had to march back into the grocery store for an unpaid item that Conor has confiscated into the front of the cart. Each time, the customer service people look at me like I have two heads. I don't care. The guilt of taking it home would kill me. I pretty much figured it couldn't have been you b/c you have to hit a light pole pretty hard to tilt it and you'd have damage on your car to prove it.... speaking as a body shop owner ;-)