Friday, July 27, 2007


What a blast these last 3 years have been with Mai Ruth. She's been a smiling crackerjack since the day she was born. I've seriously never seen a baby smile from birth, but she sure did!...and a lot! We are so blessed to have her!! I can't believe that picture at the top was 20 days before she was born. I sure had a different (ie: fit and healthy) pregnancy than I did with Jack. I was just looking at my 2 month post-partum pics (I think I was 5 weeks into a new BFL Challenge) and I'm blown away at how I looked. I can't believe I was so dissatisfied with my results at the time.

So my baby isn't a baby anymore. We've been officially out of the diaper/pullups stage for several months so my life is looking pretty bright and shiny right now. Since we took Jack to a movie for his birthday last week, I asked her last night what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said she's a big girl now that she's three, so today instead of going to the Kids' club she'll work out her muscles with me at the gym. Good little fitness girl in the making!! She calls herself a tough chick.

a.m. workout was 45 minutes of interval cardio on an empty tummy. Back later to report my Back and Bi and Calves workout.


Anna said...

happy bday little Mai~~!!

KTScroggin said...

Happy birthday Mai! I remember the day that you were born very well. We all love you and your mommy very much! :) Kristin

Melissa H said...

Happy birthday, beautiful baby girl!! I can't believe you're such a big girl already!