Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday Leggies and Tracy Pics
Trace is headed to Vegas!!!! She's going to do so awesome this weekend. These pics are several weeks ago so you can imagine how shredded she's going to be on comp day!

Yesterday was leggies ~

w/u: Stationary DB Lunges 17.5x12x3
Smith Sumo Squats 50x10x3
Alternating Sumo Leg Press/Close stance Leg Press 180x10x4

Lying Leg Curls LT: n/a TT: 85/7, 80/14RP
Stretch ~ 60 Seconds

Add: 150/56RP
Abd: 150/32RP

Leg Press LT: 360/10, 270/22 TT: 410/6, 320/25ss
Stretch ~ 90 Seconds

45 minutes cardio and abs


Melissa H said...

I can't believe Trace's transformation. I personally like the look of her ending C1 pic better, but I'm not a comp girl. :-) (I am not looking for striations! I'd just like to find my abs...)
However, I do ABSOLUTELY respect and am in AWE of the hard work that it takes for both of you to achieve your comp goals. Dedication. Amazing.

Julie True said...

Ya, but...
if you saw her walking down the street in a few weeks when she's not all shredded out and posing (or lifting), you would probably say DANG! That girl is plain HOT! Maybe?

Anna said...

OH yeah. I'd say so! That is gonna be you Julie True!