Thursday, August 30, 2007

Afterburn and Spin with Andre

Yesterday was my first day of Afterburn workouts with Tracy. It was AWESOME! Much better with a partner and at the gym instead of home and alone. We were drenched! I thought I would pass out on several occasions (no joke). We did the 18 minute HIIT cardio afterwards as well.

Today we did spin class. First time I've been in probably 9 months or so. Just my luck, Vicky was on vacation and her replacement was Andre. I heard people grumbling about him before he arrived, but he seemed quite pleasant when he talked to us while we warmed up.

HELL arrived. No kidding. I said the longest repetitive continuous prayer I have ever prayed in my life "Please God, Please Please Please do not let this ogre see any weakness in me. Please don't let him come over here and make me "try" to work any harder. I'm going to die...I'm going to die...I'm going to die..." repeat prayer, etc

I think that if all I did was take a spin class with Andre twice a week and nothing else, I would be a ripped shredded piece of fitness perfection. Thankfully he's not returning until her next vacation ...ONE YEAR FROM NOW!! Phew.


Melissa H said...

LOL! Girl, you have brass ones.

Anonymous said...

I need Andre! My workouts have been so uninspired lately!