Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kiara Tackles the Trails - Trail #4 Tryon Creek State Park

Kiara Tackles the Trails - Trail #4 Tryon Creek State Park

I wasn't sure if we were going to get our run in this weekend. I've obviously been dealing with shin splints and I also feel like I'm mending a stress fracture of my outer left foot. To top it off I've had a cold the last couple days and during the night it moved into my chest. I figured we could at least go out and give it a try and if my legs/foot were ok, we could hike it all instead of run. We were out for about 1 hour and 20 minutes and I would guess at least 60% of that was running and the other 40% walking and hiking and enjoying the scenery. It was pretty muddy - but I managed to escape some of the worst mud puddles and managed to keep my socks somewhat white. My legs and foot gave me no problems at all - it was my lungs that gave me the tough time...which is fine with me. As long as I know my legs are getting better, I won't stress about not being ready for the Mud Run with Dad in February.

We gave Tryon Creek State State Park a go this weekend. It's 645 acres of forest with interconnecting trails for runners, hikers, and equestrians. I was hoping Ki could meet a horse, but no luck today. It sprinkled briefly on us at the start, but other than that stayed dry and wasn't too cold. We saw a LOT of bright green moss and ferns and although I saw not one animal myself, I know they were out there because Ki was going crazy diving in bushes and trying to pull me along with her for the hunt.


Cheryl said...


Isn't it awesome getting out on the trails?! My running group and I are chomping at the bit for it to start getting lighter earlier so we can spend more time on the trails - the scenery is awesome as is the workout!

Take care of yourself!


Melissa H said...

Wow, beautiful trail!! (a tad bit jealous) Didn't get out for a run today because I'm actually catching Conor's cold. :-/ Can't wait until he goes back to school on Monday so I can get back to running outside. This treadmill stuff is for the birds.
(oh -- your shoes totally freak me out. I'd be so stressed that my shoes were all muddy! lol)

Julie said...

Melissa ~ funny about the muddy shoes! Before our first rainy run (I've really only run in the sun/dry before), I wanted to buy some new trail running shoes. Unfotunately they were out of my size (10s) everywhere I went so I ended up wearing my old ones. After about 1 minute of running I realized that I was going to be a mess when I was done and I was so happy that I didn't start with new shoes, because I would have been so bugged with getting them all dirty. When I finally went running with my new shoes I was prepared to not care.