Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Run with Dad

Reminder to self...stop drinking booze earlier on Saturday evening if you are going for a run on Sunday. Wow! I felt like CRAP! Had fun on our run, though. We headed up to Powell Butte and did about 5 miles - so I had a total of 11 miles this weekend and it feels like plenty. I'm wearing my new coat in this pic. The flash made the reflectors light up good - it really doesn't look like that on the sleeves. Brrr, it was cold in the wind. I'm thinking maybe our first day back at school tomorrow is going to be a snow day! Dad and I are going to do a test run at Hagg Lake in about 2 or 3 weeks just to get a feel for it. We didn't take Kiara - she seemed like she was sick. She's mostly just been sleeping today, poor baby.


Melissa H said...

Are you guys too cute or what?!? I laughed at the booze comment because I did the same thing a couple of weekends ago. (and my run sucked!)

Julie said...

haha - thanks, but I look like a DORK!! My dad sure looks cute, tho!! I'm all hungover and my face looks like a chipmunk - no wonder I never wear turtle necks! Can you see I'm getting my hair back to brown again? By the time I'm done, it should be the color of my eyebrows!