Saturday, March 29, 2008


Lets start with the wonderfully enthusiastic, look on the bright side of life, Crystal who is in picture #1. She met me as planned at my gym last night to work with me on my swimming. She immediately put me at ease with a "you're a good swimmer" - probably meaning - at least you're not doggy paddling - but still - it felt good to hear a positive comment. We worked on several things - making sure I was completely expelling my breath underwater before taking a new breath to help with my breathing. To help with my roll (which she said wasn't bad for a beginner - again, making me feel more confident!!) she brought a floaty thing for my legs so I didn't kick and could focus on rolling. After about 45 minutes (most of it talking about her experience with triathlons) we hit the hot tub for almost an hour. What a workout, huh?! It was good to get some positive feedback and some little things that I can immediately work on before the next group swim and of course getting to know a fellow TNTer better!

Got a great night sleep for our run today. It was supposed to be a 35 hilly bike ride but the coaches changed it due to the snow forecast. We ran 10 miles at Leif Erickson. It snowed on us but didn't stick - and I was way too overdressed and sweaty. I chased Audrey for about the first 4 miles before she turned around and ran the last uphill mile by myself. At the 5 mile mark I hooked up with Tim, Kristina, and my mentor, Couloir (middle three pics) which made the last 5 miles speed by with some conversation - mostly about dogs but with some fundraising stuff popping in, too.

The last pic is of one of our honored teammates, Natasha. She is seven and in need of a true miracle to reach 8 years old. There is a pizza party tomorrow night for her so the kids and I get to attend since they are finally cold-free!

Tomorrow I signed on for a 35 mile "rebel" ride (no coaches) but sheesh, the weather is just not cooperating. It's snowing again. I might just end up at the gym tomorrow morning for some stationary bike.

Ok - hugs. Do you hate them, tolerate them, or love them? I LOVE THEM. I feel like every encounter with someone you like should start with a hug. Mai asked me the other day why I always hug Grammy and Grampy and Uncle Ron and Aunt Jenny every time I see them - easy answer, I love them. Goes to show you the kidlets notice everything ("why don't you hug Grandma and Grandpa everytime you see them?")I also love my in-laws, yet gave up on the hugs with them many years ago. Maybe I should start it up again - maybe it won't feel comfortable at first, but eventually maybe my hugs will rub off on them and they'll hug other people at random, too.

Then on Friday I ran into a guy at the gym that I DO NOT REALLY KNOW AT ALL. I met him one day about a year ago at the gym and we had TNT in common so we talked for awhile. Then we met up for a run one day. I've seen him since maybe once every month or two at the gym or the grocery store and every time we see each other we hug. It does not feel weird, it doesn't feel forced, it just feels nice and friendly and he's practically a stranger. I always walk away a little happier after seeing him - even if all we do is hug and say Hi, how you been? Fine. See you later.
Cool, huh? Why can't every chance meeting with people be like that? - leaving you better off than before you saw them...
Hug a couple people today and see if it all seems brighter in some way.

HOWEVER, I CAN NOT CAN NOT CAN NOT stand it when people sign off {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}. Wonder why....

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Melissa H said...

You are such a rock star. I'm so in awe!!

Okay: hugs. L.O.V.E. T.H.E.M.!!!!
I also love the fact that Conor is a hugger. He especially likes to hug anyone with straight, long hair (he'd hug you a LOT!) When I straighten my hair, I get a big smile from Conor and he always says, "Let me give you a hug!"

For the record, I'll keep signing "Hugs" (and I only do it when I mean it) because I can't give you a hug with skin. :-)