Monday, March 31, 2008

Twin SupaStars

Yesterday Mai told me we were going to play "Twin SupaStars" (what an imagination!) and so she proceeded to put our hair in pigtails and barretts and put glitter gloss on us and eyeshadow and headbands. She kept twirling around for her daddy - "aren't I gorgeous, Daddy? We're Twin SupaStars". We headed out to the store (she was very insistent I not change a thing about my appearance before we left) and the moment we opened the door there was a downpour of hail lasting less than three minutes that covered the ground and caused all kinds of trouble on the roads. Weirdest weather day yesterday. Snow, Sun, Rain, Sleet, Hail, dark dark clouds, blue skies...

Today's workouts:
Noon: 30 Mile bike ride - man are my legs toast.
P.M. : 40 minutes in the pool

I got a GREAT phone call from Michael today. He just sounded so awesome and well!! He's finishing up his last planned chemo treatment and they'll do a bone marrow biopsy in about 6 weeks and if shows he's still in remission, they'll be heading home - and Boy, does he sound ready to come home!

He mentioned that he and Nicole were on the Pac Crest website today looking up info on the 1/2 marathon and eluded to the fact that they might just be in Sunriver with us come June!!! How awesome would that be!

He was just so positive and thankful for such a good God and inspired me so much ~ wonderful to hear him sound like - him! God is Good!

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