Friday, March 28, 2008

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Normally I love the snow, but c'mon - it's almost April - I'm ready for some Spring flowers. I just found these pics of Tracy from Dog Mountain two years ago. It was soooo beautiful. We are hiking it again for Mother's Day this year and trying to get some girls from the gym to go with us. I can't wait ~ the view is wonderful and the flowers are so gorgeous.
I finally broke down yesterday and e-mailed my TNT coach about my swimming misery due to my lack of getting to swim class and within 5 minutes I had not only an uplifting e-mail from her but also from several other team captains/mentors offering their help. I took up Crystal's offer and she's meeting me at my gym tonight to work on me in the pool ~ HOORAY!!!
Yesterday's run went great - it's so easy to get stuck in a rut of running slow and easy and forget that you used to be able to run fast (relatively) and that you still can if you just pick it up and GOOOOO.
This morning's workout will be upper body, abs and then a six mile moderate run at the gym. Tonight will be my one on one with Crystal!!
Has anyone else been watching the Paul McKenna on TLCs "I Can Make You Thin"? This week he taught a stress relieving tapping method that Steve and I were ALL OVER! I've used it several times this week in work situations and it totally works! The show itself is interesting to me in that a couple weeks ago I told Steve I was going to quit eating foods I don't really really like. Instead of eating what I "should" PLUS what I "want" I was going to just eat what I want and then a couple days later Paul McKenna showed up on my boob tube telling me he agreed :o) I'll take that as enough approval. Yep, I'm easy.

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