Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Now That Wasn't So Bad...

I wonder what I look like when I breath. At least I'm breathing...

So today started at 5:45am with group swim and it went pretty good. We did the following workout ~

Group Swim #9

Warm up 5 minutes

9 x 50s with fins, 2 kick, 1 half catch-up free. Rest 15 sec in between each.

Newer to swimming: rest 20 seconds after each distance.

1 x 100 with buoy

1 x 150 25 half catch-up/25 regular free

1 x 200 with buoy

1 x 350 hold a steady pace, 60% effort

1 x 100 with fins, fast

6 x 50s with breathing pattern, per 50: every 3 strokes, 4, & your choice. Rest 20 sec between each.


So the good news is that including warm up laps we probably swam our race distance of 1.2 miles today. That feels GREAT!

I left group swim and headed home to wake up the kids and slam a green tea/spinach/berry protein smoothie and then we were on our way to WORKOUT #2 with Tracy at the gym. We did upper body ~
Barbell BP 12x3
HS Pulldowns 12x3
DB Side Raises 12x3
Overhead Pully Rope Kickouts 12x3
Incline DB Curls 12x3 (here we got sidetracked by an obvious figure competitor: ripped to shreds and orange colored- and we spent a good bit of time talking to her. She just won her show last weekend and is doing the Emerald Cup in a couple weeks. She's currently at 6% BF and on her way to 4%. Very nice girl.)
30 minutes on the elliptical.

Did the normal everyday stuff of shuttling to school, dog park, laundry, laundry, laundry, dishes, dishes, dishes - oh and back to the laundry pile on the bed where I layed my weary head and fell asleep - so, one 20 minute nap.

On to workout #3 which was a 6 mile run with tempo at 6:30pm. About a third of the way through I had to kick it up a good notch for 10 minutes, recover for 5 minutes, kick it up again for 10 minutes and then finish the last bit at a moderate pace. I really just wanted the run to be over and counted down the minutes until I could stop and then of course when I started to cool down, my first thought was "Now, that wasn't so bad". Funny how it works like that.

So for being in a Jimmy Buffet kind of mood, I thought today went pretty well. I just have to make it until next week to lay back under a straw hat with a pretty drink in my paw.

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