Friday, November 7, 2008

I Love Will Smith

Did you guys see Will Smith on Oprah this week? I LOVE that man. Thought I'd share that, don't know why...except that he really made me happy when I watched him. He made me happy for him and he made me happy about the life that we have here and what we're choosing to make of it. He made me happy because he's so flippin' funny.

I got inspired by Kelly and Cynthia to read some Jack Canfield so I got on line with the library this week and had them pull some books for me. Then I saw Maya Angelou on Oprah and it reminded me to put in a couple requests for her, too. I AM SET for reading material this week. I just started The Success Principles and can't seem to put it down. GREEEEAAAATTTT STUFF!
I also got it on CD so I can listen to it while I'm working. Right now I'm reading it all the way through. I know for sure I will be going down to B&N and buying my own copy for my second time through because I'm SOOOOOOOOOO itching to highlight and ink up this borrowed one.

I was having a great morning - really being in the moment of everything I was doing...the way I prepared my food (seriously! You can get so much enjoyment out of the smallest things (even cutting onions), if you take the time to slow down and pay attention to what you're doing, who you are doing it for, etc.) Don't laugh ;o)

I was really not even trying, just believing that each moment had a reason, a purpose... that it should be appreciated and enjoyed. NOT rushed through.

Later I read something on Cynthia's VCIII blog that was SUCH good advice and it totally confirmed to me that this morning was no fluke.

I'm sure none of this is making sense to anyone but me, but that's ok.

I hope you are all working on your goals. Working on your vision boards. Working on living in the moment. Make it a great weekend!!


Kelly Olexa said...

Girl, I totally relate to it all. I'm drooling over your books!! Get it! When we feed ourselves daily in our MIND AND our bodies, we will win. We will win big. I know it. I just was emailing with Cynthia and I feel way better about my future. I'm also taking this weekend to be all about goal setting; writing it down, expanding my Vision Board, I may need a new one ha ha!! DREAM BIG AIM HIGH!

Anna with Revolution said...

I totally get you!! I always worried no one gets me on this stuff either. I think its living consciously. It's excellent! I love feeling like no matter what happens, I am happy. The seeds of depression, anxiety or disappointment cannot take root in a grateful heart....I added to a quote I've heard before and made it my own to remind me hat staying in the moment (Feeling life, not FILLING it) is the key for me. My goals went from all items and accomplishments to ideas and feelings and creating ideal days and I've become much more satisfied in the process. Do you read Scott Abel's blog? You'd LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Great to see you back!! You are SO SPECIAL!!!!

Julie said...

Hi Kelly :o)

Anna - You're right. I love him ~ I just added him to my blog list. Thanks for "getting" me.

Visionquester said...

I am going to get my own copy too today. A book just doesn't have as much value without the ink. :)