Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Watch This If You Like Huffing & Puffing & Bad Videography

It's kind of pointless to put this video up except that I need feedback on what went wrong. When I was putting the video together it looked much better than it does once it's posted to youtube. There is so much blurriness - is it because I was moving? Again, this doesn't make sense, because the video was not this poor prior to posting on youtube.
UPDATE: I just watched the vid on Jack's computer and it looks pretty good. So let me know if you do manage to watch this...was it clear or sucky for you?

Anyways, Ki and I decided to play hookie for a couple hours today and went hiking up to Angels Rest.


Melissa H said...

Stream of consciousness, by Melissa:

Oh, that's beautiful. I wonder what those rocks are all about. It doesn't seem blurry except on the close-ups. I just love her dog. Oh, it is pronounced, "Key"! Here, I've been mentally pronouncing it, "Kai" all this time. Whoa, she should have added a disclaimer for those of us with a fear of heights. Flip flop stomach. Wow, it really is beautiful. I miss mountains. Oh, the edge again. Panic! Oh, Kiara! Pretty name! Wow, she should really do vlogs more often. Great video voice!

So, there you have it.

Julie said...

Thanks for your input Melissa <3
Yep, Ki is "key" and Mai is "my". I wondered if the blurriness was due to a poor video card. Jack has a nice one for games and I have a regular one, but Steve said that shouldn't make a difference for something on-line. I don't know??

Anna with Revolution said...

I loved hearing your voice!!!!!! COOOOOOL!! Love your voice!!!!!!

Not blurry at all. Scenery was gorgeous.

Krissa said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the video. Your dog is so pretty.

I agree with the heights disclaimer :)

So when you dont have the camera, do you make your dog walk beside you or do you let it kinda do its thing ahead of you? I get sooooooo frustrated with Cooper because he doesnt walk right beside me and ends up pulling on the leash the majority of the walk which makes me not enjoy the walk. I actually just bought a new leash that goes around under his neck/jaw and then around like a muzzle (but doesnt restrict at all). However, Cooper wants NOTHING to do with that at all. I just feel like he should walk beside me better.

Again, enjoyed the video. Beautiful place.

Julie said...

Thanks for the input, guys. I guess the little kid has a better computer than me :-(

Krissa - When I run with Ki, I have her on a regular 8 foot leash and after the first mile or so she runs beside me or just in front of me, but not pulling.

When we are hiking, I put her on an 18ish foot retractable leash and she does pretty good. She's usually at the end of it, but not pulling too bad as she has stuff on the side of the path to keep her occupied and if I pass her, she knows it's time to catch up. However, going downhill, like yesterday, she was at the end of her leash and wanting to go much faster than me. It sucks!

I tried a gentle leader on her, but she hated it, too! Have you taken Cooper to doggie training? Since I have a sled dog, it's been a little tougher to train her to not pull, but I think with most breeds (and mine, too - I'm just too lazy and easily frustrated) it really is worth the work to train them to go right beside you.

Have you taken him to PetSmart training? It's so worth it!!

Anonymous said...

Julie, I loved going on that hike with you and Ki!!! I've always enjoyed your hiking pictures, but to go along with a vlog was even better!!!