Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Dog Mountain,

Dear Dog Mountain,
I'll see you next year!

I think 5 visits across the border to visit this beauty is enough for the year.
The day T and I went was the most perfect, but yesterday was a good runner-up. The sun was so bright and warm. The breeze was so perfect during the hike, but got a little cool up top. I curled up with Ki and she kept me warm, but I did have goosebumps.

I met up with about 20 people from the gym for this hike. The flowers were amazing, although the balsam root is already starting to look a little haggard.
We split off into three groups. My group was led by trainer Alissa. She just got back from spending 3 months in India studying yoga so it was interesting to hear some of her stories. I also had a husband/wife team that have some property near Mt. Ranier where they've built a hut to sleep in so they can spend some amazing overnights in the wilderness - sounded incredible. Their dog Moose and Ki got along really good, sharing treats and a water bowl. It was a great hike up and we took the more difficult route and it didn't seem as difficult as last time when my calves cramped so bad. The wind was howling when we broke out of the trees.

We got to the top and found A LOT of people (we did get a rather late start) eating and laughing and some drinking wine (I also found several of the wine drinkers at the bottom of the hill with scrapes on their knees...)

Got home and read another 51 chapters in my book. I love that James Patterson breaks his chapters down into 2 or 3 pages. Makes this mom find it easier to pick up where I left off!

Three more days of school!! V- A- C- A- T- I- O -N -- In the Summertime!


Megan said...

Ha! I've never thought to bring wine on a hike and that's probably good cause I'd have a tough time getting back to the car. : )

Looks like the hike was beautiful! Can't wait to get my first hike in this summer!

Tricia said...