Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That Fam Damily of Mine


We had a great family reunion down in Gold Beach for our first vacation of Summer. The kids got out of school on Wednesday (Hooray!! Schoooooooooools Out For Summer!) and we headed down the coast Thursday morning for five days to celebrate G'ma's birthday and get 21 of her great-grand children together for her. I love my family - I got to see all of my cousins 'cept one and all their kiddos and all my aunts and uncles. This trip was Mom's side of the family. We'll have our annual reunion for all my peeps on Dad's side in August.

We pulled into Gold Beach to the most fantastic weather.
 Played games.

Caught up with each other in the sun as we sat around the yard...
...and campfire.

We roasted marshmallows.

...and, of course, had some s'mores.

Hung out at the beach.
Tried to make good use of all the driftwood by building our own fort. Let's try to pick it up...
Hmmm...Maybe we could push it...
Visited the tide pools and saw lots of good stuff.
My cousin Abby got an itch to blaze a trail down to the "crick" we used to play in when we were kids, so Aunt Pat weed whacked her way down to the water and then Ab and I chopped at some trees and bushes until it was safe for the kids to play without getting eaten by sticker bushes. Ab felt that we were stifling them with such a small part of the area to play in and spent the better part of a second day chopping her way towards the ocean. The kids LOVED it! What an adventure was had trekking through the jungle river with their walking sticks and building three different dams.

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Melissa H said...

You get such wonderful photo memories. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I love living vicariously through you! :-)