Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yeah, This Is How I Roll...

Today for 30DSLR, TINA wanted us to think about the gifts our bodies give us. I have to admit that I had a REALLY hard time with this one today.

Steve and I were talking a couple weeks ago about the differences in self-esteem/self-image between men and women. Although I know men do have these issues, it does seem that so often they are willing to focus on their positives more than we girls do. Steve looks in the mirror in the morning and sees that he's taller than the average Joe and has nice broad shoulders and so he moves on...goes about his day feeling pretty darn good about his appearance.
I look in the mirror and see bags under my eyes and a new dimple on my butt and I dwell on it all day. He sees a few positive things and all is good. I see a few negative things and they blind me to the rest of what's there...the good bits that I should be thankful for.

Steve showed me this video earlier today and I thought it was not only hilarious, but it kind of went with my theme today. The guys roll with it...we should, too!
watch it on youtube, my screen cuts the right side off :-(

So today I thank my neck for providing a place for Mai's face to snuggle into when she's waking up in the morning. I thank my hands for being a kind place for Jack to reach for when he wants to connect with me. I thank my body for the amazing job it did in bringing these kids into my life.

Today's Out of the Box Challenge was brought to you by Volleyball! I need to set the net up and get a taller partner and we'll be good! Mai and I played for a bit, but I need to get Steve out with me tonight.


Tina said...

I love what you are thankful for! Such beautiful things to care about and I'm sure your children (and husband) greatly appreciate them!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

What a wonderful post! Great reminder to appreciate all we do have. I love your examples.

Helen said...

Julie, so well written. I can almost see Mai snuggling with Mama!!! I love this twist to the 30 day challenge I'm doing and so, I will join in on this one too!

I'm such a follower, hey? LOL