Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jack's Interpretation of Me...

HS Seated Chest Press
LT: n/a TT: 50/20RP
Pec Dec
LT: 40/12ss TT: 40/16ss

HS Shoulder Press
LT: n/a TT: 80/24RP
Side Raises LT: 15/15 TT: 15/17ss

Overhead Rope Kickouts (inside)
LT: n/a TT: 80/23 RP
Rope Pulses LT: 50/22 TT: 50/16ss

Close Grip Pulldowns
LT: n/a TT: 90/21RP

Close Grip Seated Cable Rows
LT: n/a TT: 105/6, 90/8ss

Seated Calves 3 sets of 12
Seated Leg Press for right calf only 4 sets of 7-10
ABS: 5 sets of 20 crunches

20 minutes on elliptical


Well Behaved Krissy said...

Love the art. I believe I would have dranw you a bit skinnier ;)

Melissa H said...

I like your legs. They look very bumblebee-ish. :-)

rockstarmom said...

I personally am digging the hulk hands..Alec draws mine the same way and tells me they are my muscle hands..

Julie said...

He really thinks I'm a beauty, doesn't he...